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Добрый день! Нужно перевести текст с английского на русский. В тексте 839 слов (4483 знаков). Вот текст: In Minnesota where I lived for five years, canoeing is a popular sport.  Minnesotans love to canoe and some even love to make there own canoes.  They’re called cedar strip canoes and they’re beautiful; real works of art.  I know several friends who have built one and all of them were successful – none of them sank!  But each friend took a different path to build their cedar strip canoe.  Their choices reflect both their learning style and their personalities.  In order to explore this idea a bit more I have created four fictional friends who all built their own cedar strip canoe. Who do you most relate to? 1. Joe signed up for a week long cedar strip canoe class set deep in the north woods at a cabin nestled on the shore of one of Minnesota’s 10,000 pristine lakes.  He and ten others were walked step by step through the process of building their very own canoe.  The instructor watched over them, giving correction, demonstrating techniques and stepping in at times to help them finish more difficult tasks.  Joe had a great time and loved the interaction of giving and receiving feedback from his fellow builders.  It was a very expensive class, but in the end Joe had a great experience, a group of new friends and a beautiful cedar strip canoe. 2. John on the other hand ordered a cedar strip canoe kit online.  It came with precut pieces and great directions  and John was able to work on it in is spare time from his garage at home.  He mostly worked alone, but when he got stuck he would call a friend who had built a few of these before and together they would solve the problem. He loved the challenge of figuring out how to put the pieces together and while he had a few mishaps here and there, none were fatal – character marks as his friend put it.  In the end, John spent a moderate amount of money but had an amazing sense of accomplishment and a beautiful cedar strip canoe. 3. Jake saw his first cedar strip canoe on a trip up north.  He stopped the owner to ask about it and found to his amazement that it was homemade.  Jake was taken by the idea and asked a lot of questions.  Later he surfed the web and watched every available how video and ordered three books from Amazon on the topic.  From his own research he compiled a list of materials he would need to purchase and began hunting them up.  He found a great deal on cedar strips from a a canoe company going out of business, but none of it was pre-cut.  Armed with a can do attitude and the resources he had found, Jake spent nearly every evening for two months working at constructing his canoe and in the end, at very little cost, he had built himself a beautiful cedar strip canoe. 4. And finally, there was Jim.  Jim was first struck with the idea to build a cedar strip canoe when he saw one pass him on top of another car as he was driving north to visit his parents.  He sped up to get a better look at it and began making plans in his head to build one.  He spent hours running his hands over other cedar strip canoes, studying the lines and the way they were put together.  He found a friend with two large seasoned cedar logs in a shed and another friend willing to trade labor for the use of his sawmill.  He drew countless plans, and began at once to fiddle around with smaller pieces of cedar, experimenting with the different ways to bend them and stick them together.  He made mistake after mistake, but each time he learned something new and improved on his overall understanding of the boat building process.  In the end, he didn’t even build a canoe.  He built – at virtually no cost to himself – a beautiful cedar strip kayak. Find Your Style I hope you get the gist of the story as it relates to language learning.  When thinking about how you will learn the language, you need to make the best choices for you.  If you are not a self starter, have a hard time with ambiguity but love to learn in the interactive setting of a classroom, a class may be just the thing for you. It may not be a popular idea on all the language blogs that are out there, but those people aren’t you. The goal is to learn another language.  You will achieve this goal best when you are working at it in ways that support and reflect your personality and preferred learning style. It is wise to research and explore the many varied methods out there for learning another language, but in the end you have to make the best choice for you. It’s your journey. What works best for your personality and learning style?

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