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Здравствуйте. Нужно перевести с английского. 2163 слова. Текст простой. Первод отдать в Word. Вот текст: What is Lang-8 ? Lang-8 is a free language-exchange social network. Just write a journal in any language you’re learning, and it will appear to native speakers of that language. They’ll correct it and leave useful comments and feedback. In return, you check other users’ journals written in your native language. By checking each other’s journals, you can improve your skill in any number of languages, help others to master your native language, and make a lot of friends along the way. Language learning doesn’t have to be done with dusty textbooks anymore! Let’s make some friends and learn some languages on Lang-8! Registration Is Lang-8 really free? You can enjoy the main features of Lang-8 for free. To enjoy all of our features, please upgrade to a premium account. For more detailed information about the premium service (paid service), please refer to this page;  http://lang-8.com/premium/intro How to register 1) Click on the orange-colored banner “Learn for Free!” on the site’s top page.   2) Enter your e-mail address and choice of password into the form and click “Next”. 3) Complete the form with your information and then click “I agree and register”. 4) Check your inbox for our e-mail confirming your new account registration. Click on the URL in the e-mail below “Joining Lang-8”. 5) After following these steps, you’ll receive an e-mail to confirm that your registration is complete. 6) Please sign in to your new account and edit your profile information as necessary. We hope you enjoy studying with Lang-8! My Lang-8 page Using the Lang-8 Menu 1. Home : No matter where you are on the site, you can always quickly get back to your homepage. 2. Write : Allows you to write a new journal entry. -> How do I write a journal entry? 3. Correct : This will show a list of journals written in your native language that are awaiting your corrections. There’s always new and interesting material being posted! 4. Popular : You can see the list of the latest “Popular” entries and corrections. -> What are popular entries ? -> What are popular corrections ? 5. Help : This link will take you to the Lang-8 Help pages. If you’re stuck, try here first. The Contents Menu Contents: 1. Lang-Match Lang-Match is a service aimed at aiding you to quickly find other users to enjoy learning languages with. The more search parameters you fill out, the more accurate the search will be. Give it a try! 2. Groups: Groups allow people from all over the world with similar hobbies, interests or languages to communicate. Try joining a few, or even starting your own! 3. Rankings : Here you can see which members have been working hard on their language skills. Can you get to number 1? User menu & Settings The User menu & Settings will show up when you hover the mouse cursor over your user name at the top-right corner of a page. 1. Messages Use this to access your private inbox, from which you can send and receive messages from other members. 2. My Friends This will display a list of your friends. In [ My Friends Settings ], you can write testimonials about other users, and remove people from your friends list. How does the friends list work? 3. My Journal This displays a list of your posted entries and drafts. You can edit the contents or delete them via the [Edit] button. How to write a journal How to edit a submitted journal entry How to delete a submitted journal entry 4. My Notebook This displays corrections stored in your “Notebook”. What’s my Notebook ? 5. My Groups This displays the list of groups that you’ve joined. How to join a group 6. Footprints Shows who has visited your profile. 7. Favorites This displays your list of favorite users. 8. Premium This is the link to Lang-8 Premium Settings (Requires Lang-8 Premium) 9. Edit Profile Use this to edit your profile, avatar, language of study and so on. 10. Settings This is the link to Settings on Lang-8. How to change your password How to change your registered e-mail address    11. Logout Log-out of your Lang-8 account Your profile Editing your profile 1. Click on "Edit Profile" using the drop-down menu on the right hand side of the navigation bar. 2. Fill in the blanks, and click on "Submit" to complete. Each menu option has it’s own privacy settings. You can choose to share information with everyone on the internet, Lang-8 users only, your friends only, or you can keep it private. Public information can be searched by other users looking for language partners. The more information you have available, the more likely you are to be discovered by others! Posting a new journal How to write a journal 1. Click on the ‘Post’ button at the top of a page Or go to you home page and click on the 'Post an entry now!' button. 2. You’ll then be directed to the diary entry page. At first you need to select the language which you want to write with by clicking the drop-down menu of 'Help me with my(*)'. Write your journal in the ‘Text(*)’box, and add a title by clicking on ‘Click to enter a title(optional)’. Next, select the ‘Access settings(*)’. **Note: (*) is a required item to post. You can also write a version of your journal in your native language to make it clearer what you are writing about. It is also good reading practice for those learning your native language. 3.  If you want to post the journal without confirming the contents, click on the ‘Publish’ button. If you want to post the journal after confirming, click on the 'Preview' button, confirm the contents and then click on the ’Post’ button. You don’t need to post it as soon as you have wrote it - you can also save it as draft. How to upload a picture You can post an entry with pictures. 1. Click on '+Display Options' and then click on the ‘Find files’ button to search and select a picture to upload. (** Pictures must be GIF, JPEG or PNG format, and less than 300 kilobytes) 2. If you’d like to delete an uploaded picture, click on the 'Delete' button next to the picture. Correcting other users’ journals How to correct journals The following example will show you how to correct an entry. 1. Display the entry you’d like to correct, and then click on “Post comment and corrections” 2. The “Post comment and corrections” section will be displayed. 3. Click on the “Correct” link below the sentence that you want to correct. A correction menu will be displayed as shown below. 4.  When using the correction tools, select the text you want to correct (click and hold the left mouse button, highlight the text by dragging over it) and then click on the editing tools that you want to use. Explanations of each correction tool are as follows: “Bold” makes the selected text bold. “Cross out”crosses out the selected text with a horizontal line. “Red” highlights the selected text in red. “Blue” highlights the selected text in blue. "Gray" highlights the selected text in gray. "Unformat":remove all the changes you made.    Modify the text properly. 5. You can also add some comments about your correction, When you finish correcting the mistakes, click “Apply” (To quit correcting without making any changes, click “cancel”.)    Now, the corrected sentence is displayed below the original sentence. (Be careful: your corrections are not finalized yet !). **You can cancel your corrected text by clicking on the (X) button. 6. Correct the other sentences in the same way. When you finish correcting everything, click on “Preview” (In the comment field, we encourage you to write comments or suggestions about the content, and explain the grammatical corrections you have made.) 7. Make sure that your corrections don’t contain any mistakes, and then click on “Post.” (If you need to modify your corrections, click on “Back to correct”.)   You have now completed the correction of an entry. This is only one example. Feel free to use the correction tools as you see fit. However, please use the correction tools in a way that is easy for the recipient to understand your meaning. Communicating with other users What is “My Friends” ? Much like other social networks, on Lang-8 you can add users to your friends list. Once you add a user to your “My Friends” list, your friend’s latest journals will show up on your Lang-8 home page. In addition, your latest journals will also be listed on your friend’s Lang-8 home page. This makes your journals more likely to be corrected by your friends, and of course, you can find your friend’s latest journal entries more easily and correct them. Note: You do not have to correct your friend’s entries. How much time you spend correcting journals is totally up to you. You can remove friends whenever you want via [My Friends Settings]. In “My Friends Settings”, if you want to remove someone from your friend list, just click on [Remove from My Friends].   -> How to send a friend-link request How to send a “My Friends” invitation If there is a member you’d like to add to your friends list, put the cursor on the member’s name. The languages which he or she studies and the ‘Send friend request’ button are shown. Click on the ‘Send friend request’ button, and a message box comes up. Type in the box, and click on the ‘Send’ button. You’re finished! As you may know already, you can also send a friend request in the following way.   Go to the member’s profile page. You will find a button labeled ‘Add Friend’ under the member’s photo. In order to send a friend request, click on ‘Add Friend’. Write your message and click on the ‘Send’ button. The request will be sent to the member. If the invitation is accepted, the member will be added to your friends list. When sending a friend request, please keep in mind the following tips. 1)Don’t send a friend request without a message. 2)Don’t start the first message with something suspicious like: ”Let’s Skype! Tell me your Skype name.” 3)Do send a brief introduction about yourself or an explanation of why you are making a friend request. How to accept a “My Friends” invitation 1. If you receive a "My Friends" invitation from other members, a notification shows up at the top of your individual page. 2. Click on a highlighted link to jump to the confirmation page. You can choose “Accept” or “Deny” as below. If you click on [Accept], you’ll be added on the sender’s friend list. If you click on [Deny], you can refuse this friend invitation. In this case, Lang-8 won’t inform the sender of the fact you refused the invitation. How to send a message 1. Go to the profile page of the person to whom you want to send a message. 2. Click on the ’Send message” button under the user’s photo. 3. Write a subject, message and click on the “preview” button. 4. After confirming your content via the preview, click on the ‘Send’ button, and then your message will be sent. How to join a group 1. Click "Groups" from the "Other Contents" tab. 2. You can search groups by using keywords as you like. 3. Go to the profile page of the group which you want to join, and click on “Join this Group”. If the group is open to everyone, you will be a member immediately. If approval of administrator is necessary for membership, upon approval you will become a member. Closing your account How to close a Lang-8 membership 1. Click on "Settings" via your user name at the top right corner of the page. 2. Open the “Delete account” tab, and click the button below. One of the biggest problems about learning a new language is that it's often difficult to find native speakers to practice with. lang 8 makes it easy to practice any language with native speakers no matter where you live you can register for free and get started in just a matter of minutes after you're all signed up learning is as simple as three easy steps first you write journal entries in the language that you're learning second native speakers at that language will correct your entries its easy to see what mistakes you've made see you don't make them again third you can give back to the community by helping others who are learning your native language lang-8 makes it really simple the practice languages with native speakers by writing a journal entry everyday you make new friends and get good at any language in no time with native speakers from over 180 countries on my aid you're sure to find infinite languages an infinite learning

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