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Koh Man Nai A Privately owned Island off Koh Chang, Trat, Thailand Koh Chang lies approximately 300 kilometres south east of Bangkok. In recent years it has rapidly become a major holiday destination for a wealthy and selective clientele. Koh Chang is the second largest island in Thailand and it is known for its outstanding beauty. Successive governments have invested large sums of money to promote the region and to build the necessary infrastructure to create a major tourist and Thai holiday destination. In 2007 a new airport at Trat was opened providing links to Koh Samui, Phuket, Bangkok, and Kuala Lumpa. What was once a seven hour journey from Bangkok has now been reduced to a forty five minute flight and ten minute car journey to the ferry from the mainland to Koh Chang. Koh Man Nai is situated some 300 metres off the desirable west coast of Koh Chang, opposite Kai Bai beach, and is approximately 38 rai (18 acres) in total, with fully constructible (Nor Sor 3 Gor titled land) being 4 rai, 93 square wah, (2 acres). In Thailand, it is possible to build non-permanent structures on normal registered company titled land eg: wooden buildings, restaurants, staff quarters, also all water holding facilities, swimming pool, generators etc. However, the residential quarters need to be built within the 4+ Rai (Nor Sor Sam titled land). Koh Man Nai's title is held in a registered company name which facilitates construction. Planning is on application and the island is suitable for a resort or boutique hotel. It has its own small natural water supply which could be gained by sinking water bore holes. Grade 1 water would need to sourced from Koh Chang. Electricity can be produced by generator or mains electricity supply from Koh Chang with installation and approval from the local authority. Koh Man Nai has a cliff face running along the west side of the island which serves to protect it from the monsoon season, whilst on the east side there is a white sand beach that runs into a small cove discreetly concealed by mangroves. There are various large and smaller rocky outcrops and a small cave. There is easy access from the east to west side of the island, for full enjoyment of the spectacular local sunsets and sunrises. Koh Man Nai has a long beach of approximately 150 meters with a coral bay. There is a 12 metre rise from the sea to the 4 rai construction land location and the island is covered with many trees and shrubs. A semi-circle of coconut palms surround the construction land. A beautiful location of calm blue waters providing a wonderful snorkelling and aqua lung diving opportunities.

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