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перевести текст с английского на русский для проверки/теста, переведите пож эту часть There are a few things you really need to be aware of when introducing comforters to your baby. o Some babies like to sleep with their comforters over their faces. If this is your baby, make sure she can still breathe (this is why we suggest breathable cotton muslin squares). o Make sure your baby cannot get the comforter tangled around his neck. A good comforter size is about 38cm by 38cm. o Soft toys are not the same as comforters. o When choosing a comforter, please avoid ones with bean fillings or long fur that your baby might pull out and accidentally inhale. Pull at the fur a little to see how easily it comes away. o Some companies specialise in making baby comforters. They have usually conducted a lot of research into the best comforter features for you and your baby. The Save Our Sleep™ online store stocks a large range of some of the world’s most safe and cute comforters. Choose comforters from the SOS store.

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