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Проверить, исправить перевод

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Необходимо проверить и исправить перевод небольшой статьи. Ошибки могут быть как грамматические, так и в структуре предложения, так и синтаксические. Оригинал статьи: http://alnabilagrandmakadi.com/russia/antikhostel-v-moskve-sistema-prozhivaniya-novogo-pokoleniya.html Перевод: For many years, the Japanese were innovators in many areas. It was in Japan for the first time the notion of Antihostel or as it is called, the system capsular residence, which is gaining popularity around the world. Capsules for living are the ideal solution for apartments with limited space and is an excellent substitute for bunk beds, providing a secluded corner of each family member. Besides residential capsules perfectly fill a niche in the hospitality industry. Told Oleg Churyumov, co-founder of "Cosmic" Anti-hostel first in Russia, the innovative idea has been apprehended in the Russian market is very positive. There were conducted opinion polls and surveys among Muscovites and tourists who have shown the potential of this project. The idea of the capsular stay for many years in high demand in Asian countries, and has already managed to conquer Europe. At the beginning of the project was guided by the younger generation and tourists, however, the idea came to mind, and many businessmen who come to Moscow for business meetings. Thus, the demand is huge capsule hotel Sheremetyevo, one of the first hotel of its kind in Moscow. First of all people here attracts first-class service, which included a large number of free services. The capsule itself is part of the planned marketing program. Attracting new customers free meals, dry cleaning services, internet and free coupons for tours of the capital, which are already included in the price, which is 1150 rubles per day. To date, the occupancy of Anti-hostel riches 90%. Capsule can be booked through any online service for booking rooms. However, the company intends in due course to create the resource, where anyone can book yourself in a hotel room of the future. Today, the main lodgers Anti-hostel are regular customers and those who have received recommendations from their friends, who rented residential capsule. Antihostel "Cosmic" is a four-storey building in the center of Moscow with good infrastructure. The company offers its residents a pool, gym, sauna and more. Antihostel can simultaneously accommodate up to 40 people. Monthly payment for accommodation is 30 thousand rubles.

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