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Необходимо проверить и исправить перевод небольшой статьи. Ошибки могут быть как грамматические, синтаксические, так и ошибки в структуре предложения. Оригинал текста: http://www.homebusiness.ru/ideas/1827.htm Перевод: The first capsule hostel in Moscow In Moscow a few days ago was opened the first capsule hostel - cosmic-hotel.ru (do not confuse with the capsule hotel, which opened in Moscow on 31 January 2013). Though the difference is small (and there - and there for sleep and rest are used capsules), but the capsule hotel is organized like a hotel - it has four floors. The capsule hostel apparently organized at the area of one apartment. The building, in which housed the capsule hostel in Moscow (This and other photos - from the group VKontakte Hostel - vk.com/cosmichotel) Entrance to the capsule hostel Exactly this hostel, probably, should be considered as the first capsule hostel in Russia, the idea of which I described two years ago (The idea of a capsule hostel in Russia). And in it capsules are used not double (as in Sleepbox), but single. And they are not produced in Russia, but in the UK. And they are not placed next to each other (as in Sleepbox-hotel), but each on other, in one big heap: The sleeping capsules from United Kingdom In a single capsule may be it would be better to sleep than in a double. And the price for staying in the capsule hostel cheaper than in a capsule hotel - only 1250 rubles per night (though, as it is written in the hostel group VKontakte, the price has raised to 1,350 rubles - due to the increase in demand). That is a view of the sleeping capsules from another angle and under the electric light: And the rest - as in any other Moscow hostel; here there is everything – a room for rest, a kitchen, a washing machine, wi-fi, a bathroom, a sauna, lockers for personal belongings: The room with sleeping capsules The kitchen of the capsule hostel The living room of the capsule hostel The bathroom of the capsule hostel So that's what I think. This capsule hostel positions its capsules as an opportunity to live cheap by the laws of hostels and to sleep comfortable as in a separate hotel room. Because of this (and not only through the activity at VKontakte), maybe it has such demand after the recent discovery. If this hostel is the first capsule may be others will repeat after it - will also acquire the capsules to change antediluvian bunk beds without sockets and wi-fi to the cozy capsules with sockets and wi-fi: In the capsule hostel everyone has wi-fi and a cocket And where to take those capsules? To carry from Britain is expensive and long way. Sleepboxis are produced in Russia, it’s closer, but also expensive. Maybe someone in Russia will learn to produce such sleeping capsules cheap and qualitatively? This will be another one area of business (and it can not be escaped, as more and more people will appreciate the opportunity to retire and connect to its own wall socket). After that capsule hostels here will develop more actively. Thanks to the advent of cheap and comfortable sleeping capsules housing problem will not be so acute. Have bought separate sleeping capsule, installed in the room (where you have to sleep in along with parents or children) - and live there as in a separate apartment (Japanese people and live such way on their own little island, so tolerant to each other and polite). And to save a place (these capsules can be put on each other). And your living area can not be expanded due to the increase of the number of family members. And to sleep will be possible not only at a kitchen but also in a corridor and at a pantry, and a loggia (feel like itself extends a living space in your apartment!). And if you to warm walls of a capsule, then it will be possible to live on a street, or even on a roof. Somewhere in the West there is a project by which it is supposed to install capsules on the roof of the residential high-rise building (the project described more on the page behance.net/gallery/Living-Roof/1378135): And here is the tower of the piled one on another residential capsules which still exists and operates in Japan, in Tokyo (it was built after World War II because of the need to provide housing for the Japanese in the destroyed by war city, and stuffed with bombs). Someone still lives in the 9-meter capsules, someone - uses them as an office). The Tower of the sleeping capsules in Japan One day and we will come to this (in Moscow of course). Pathetic and embarrassing? But cheap, separately and in the center. P.S. The first capsule hostel in Europe appeared in the autumn 2014 (i.e. one year after Russia), in Amsterdam (Hostel “Antwerp Student Hostel”). These capsules (to be honest, they are not completely capsules - in my opinion - because, judging by the photos, these rooms are closed only with a curtain). There are not only capsule rooms in this hostel, but ordinary rooms. And they are not only lease per night, but also monthly (apparently in this hostel really live mostly students who don’t need to hurry). Финальный вариант должен быть в google docs шрифт Arial 11

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