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Артём Лукашенко Исполнитель: Артём Лукашенко 
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перевести текст: --------------------- Here are a few key points to remember: Use adjectives and vivid language – For instance, rather than saying “conducted training meetings” consider instead “developed effective and inspirational training initiatives.” It’s pretty much the same thing, but the latter is more powerful. Use metrics – Your skills section should have listed only those metrics that aligned most closely to the job listing. In experience section, you can use other metrics that put you in a good light. For instance, if you talked about cost savings in the skills section, mention productivity, awards and anything else that demonstrates your dedication and effectiveness as an employee. Use less as you go – Because your most recent job will be the most relevant, it should have more bullets. By job two or three on your list, you should have fewer bullets. And, remember, you need not lay out your entire career. Try and limit your experience to five jobs or less. Note – Write in third person and past tense. You would not say “I manage a department of five sales people.” Instead, it should be “Managed motivated sales team of five.” ---------------------

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