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We are pleased to attach herewith new texts of the following bank guarantees applicable since 7 June 1987. 1 - Temporary Guarantee for tender ( bid Bond ) 2- Performance Guarantee 3- Advance Payment Guarantee (In Foreign Currency ) 4- Advance Payment Guarantee (In Syrian Pounds) Kindly consider the subsequent points when applying for issuing guarantees mentioned from our bank : •A- Your application should clearly state your request to issue on your behalf and upon your entire responsibility our letter of guarantee in official text. B- Your undertaking towards us to pay on simple demand ( by telex, telegram, or letter ) within the validity period of the letter of guarantee, regardless of the date when such demand reaches you, as well as your undertaking to transfer the amount of the guarantee including commissions, interest and expenses in foreign convertable currencies at rates lulling at our bank. C- Your undertaking and commitment that subject guarantee (issued by us on your behalf ) is subject to Syrian Laws in case of dispute or disagreement arises, and. that the place of its issue in Syria shall be chosen as domicile in all that concerns its provisions.

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