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Подробное описание Необходимо перевести статью с английского, и "причесать" тест для публикации в блоге. Текст: Getting toddlers to eat and enjoy broccoli Broccoli is a nutritious veggie parents want their toddler to eat. But it’s also a vegetable parents don’t usually model eating, making it difficult for the child to imitate good broccoli munching behaviors. Here are a few tips on how to prepare, introduce, and enjoy the many textures of broccoli with your toddler. Prepare: Broccoli is one of those vegetables that you wait to wash until you are ready to cook it. When you do wash it, make sure to rinse in cold, not warm, water. These preparation tips will offer the best texture to present to your toddler. Present a crisp texture: Lightly steaming your broccoli will preserve the most nutrients (Vitamins C, K, A and Fiber) giving your toddler an excellent immunity boost. Steaming also keeps the broccoli warm and crisp - a temperature and texture toddlers love! Present a tender texture: Blanching will preserve the color and texture of the veggie. Cook the broccoli until it is slightly tender, usually for 1-2 minutes. Put it in ice water for another 1-2 minutes to have a tender and cool texture for you and your toddler! Present a crunchy texture: Eating broccoli raw is a great way to show the diversity of this healthy green machine to your toddler! Raw textures are room-temperature and perfect for kiddos who have difficulties with the sensory aspects of cold or hot food. You can use any texture of broccoli to make goofy food art on the Happy Mat as eyes, ears, hair or a mustache! How do you introduce broccoli as food art to your toddler? Show us by using the hashtags #ezpzfun or #ezpzfoodfun Happy Feeding!

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