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перевод с английского на русский

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перевести текст с анг на русс В прикрепленном файле + немного с этой страницы Inosat welcomes partners in Russia During 3 days from the 13th to the 16th of May, Inosat showed its technology in Russia, being present at the International Information Communications Technology Event of the year in Russia. “Sviaz Expocomm” is one of the largest International Exhibition and Conference in Russia for Information Communication Technology, Communication Services and Mass Media Communication. This is a show that brings together the ICT industry executives as well as business professionals. For Inosat it was a good kick off on the market by allowing the company to generate new business leads for potential partners in the region. According wit Pedro Ferreira, Inosat’s International Business Developer for Russia, “this show presented a unique business opportunity for Inosat, as it allowed us to introduce our solutions to a broader audience, meet face to face with decision makers, and gain important insights on the actual market trends in terms of fleet management”. Inosat offer for Russia, focuses in the fleet managers needs, addressing, not only security and control issues, but also, route scheduling & planning, productivity enhancement, and fleet intelligence.

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