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перевод текста с английского на рус

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Нужен точный перевод текста для наклеек на продукцию: Green Scent is being used most populary, which is being used by wearing simply at first or ankle , or hanging at strap of bag, etc. The purpose of development is to protect human body from mosquitoes. HOW TO USE 1. First of all, tear package along with upper line. 2. Take out the product by opening zipper. 3/ Set button into the hole located with slightly enough space to meet the thickness of user"s ownwrist or ankle. 4. Long-term storage can be secured if only user closes zipper ater inserting product into package, in case of storing again after use for a fixed time period. PRECAUTIONS 1. If the wearing region feels itchy or skin is flushed after wearing band, please stop using it and rub hand cream, etc. on that region after washing there with clean water and soap. In this case, please be careful not to scrath it or apply liquid plasters because they can deteriorate this condition. 2. In case of the person very sensitive to cosmetics and liquid plasters, etc., please pay keen attention while using it. 3. In case of the person showing allergic reaction against cosmetics, etc. please avoid using it. 4. The efficacy will be inferior if you use it with Cosmetics, perfume, etc. and after drinking. 5. Please wash your eyes with clean water if eyes felt stinging due to rubbing them. ACTIVE INGREDIENTS Citronella Essential Oil 80%w/w Textile (Ultra Micro Fiber) 70% Net Weight above 8 grams Skin irritation Test Do not litter & dispose with care

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