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Get your virtual kitty cat ready for the pet beauty show with fun grooming and dress up games! The day before the show, your kitty left the house and came back all dirty. Now you need to clean her up if you want to win the pet beauty show! Using the magic soap you’ll be able to wash away the dirty by swiping over your virtual pet kitty or take a warm bath and play the fun mini game where you have to pop the bubbles around the kitty. After a wash, she’s clean! Time for the towel and hairdryer! Now it’s time for the grooming. Use the nail cutters to trim your kitty’s nails down and paint them with 8 beautiful colors of nail varnish. You can choose a different color for each paw, or use the same, it’s up to you! Create your own unique style for your virtual kitty cat. Apply a little kitty cat makeup and spray some perfume – you’re almost ready for the pet show! But not yet! Now it’s time to play dress up. Using a huge variety of hats, sunglasses and collar pendants, you can apply the finishing touches to your virtual pet cat and create your own signature style to help her win the pet show. Share your awesome virtual kitty creations with the world on social media, or save a picture of your virtual pet to your device’s camera roll and use it as a HD wallpaper! ========================== KITTY CAT POP – HIGHLIGHTS ========================== ‌• Care for your own virtual pet cat • Play grooming and dress up games to create your very own kitty style • Trim nails & paint them in 8 different colors • Kitty pop mini game gives you even more bubble popping fun! • Save pictures of your virtual pet to your phone, or share with the world • Accessorize your virtual kitty with a variety of hats, sunglasses and collar pendants DOWNLOAD KITTY CAT POP TODAY & MEET YOUR NEW VIRTUAL PET!

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