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Саша Осуский Исполнитель: Саша Осуский 
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Отзыв: Оперативно и качественно!
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Категория: Тексты
Время выполнения: 17 мин
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Подробное описание:

Есть текст письма, переведенный на английский. Необходимо оформить этот текст на английском в соответствие с правилами литературной речи. Samvel Ayrapetyan is an artist, a professional virtuoso violinist and composer. He is the man whose variety and classical concerts are always a success throughout Russia and abroad. A new, bright Violin Show “Storm”, that knows no equals in Russia, is a mixture of genres and styles, a storm of emotions that grips the attention of the audience from the very first chords! Maestro Ayrapetyan performs as a part of his “ROCKSOUL” band and also with the variety and symphony orchestra. In Samvel’s new show you can hear the magical sounds of duduk, that has won the world by its incredible sound, as well as other ethnic instruments, adding “Storm” show more mystery and refinement.By combining in his show classical music, modern electronic sound, music of different nationalities, daring rock sound and works of authorship Maestro Ayrapetyan spreads his love to spectators, showing the universality of music as a language that has no boundaries! When you visit Violin Show “STORM”, you will have a chance to plunge into the world of vivid musical colours, to experience emotions similar to catharsis, to immerse yourself into the world of the Middle Ages, the Orient, modern times, where romance will replace the storm and onslaught of popular rock songs where the soundtracks for the most popular films will carry you away into a fairy-tale world where the past meets the present and draws music silhouettes of the future right on stage! If you are interested in the proposal, we are ready for a long-term cooperation

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