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Нужно грамотно перевести на русский язык текст задачи. Перевод не должен быть машинным. Вы должны понимать, что переводите. Могут быть и другие подобные задачи, по пока только эта. Текст: I am looking for a kick ass designer to help me bring my vision to life.. It will need to be done in a layered format in order to be able to be built in word press once finished. Please refer below and the the attached drawing for clarification. I want to update my site. skyhighagency.com.au to look EXACTLY like fcinq.com BUT IN MY BRAND.. Below are the specs for my new site. 1. Please put a Free SEO Quote instead of the Video box at the top of the site, Like in the landing page I provided you. Our works please put 1. http://www.gallopmanagement.com - Please put the gallop logo in the middle across the work IN WHITE) Like the WB logo 2. http://www.westlaneinteriors.com.au - Please put the west lane interiors logo in the middle across the work IN WHITE) Like the WB Logo I want to show case in our works 3 x sections listed below 1. Our Web Dev Work 2. Our SEO & PPC Clients 3. Our Social Clients 1. Our Web Dev Clients - In our Web Dev I want you to take imagery from the clients site to make it looks AWESOME like Fcinq have done, and use the clients logo in White like Fcinq have done. 2. Our SEO & PPC Clients - I want this section to look like the web dev section, nice imagery that reflects the clients brand with their logo in White.. BUT.. I want to have displayed in White their Figures in the little white boxes. For Example SEO & PPC Clients 14,321 New Client Visits 34 Page 1 Rankings 3. Our Social Clients - I want to show just like above two with client image and white logo, but i want to display views / followers For Example Social Client 4,564 New Views 2,345 New Followers Please DO YOUR ABSOLUTE BEST ON THIS SITE as it is for me.. You can use the graphics from my proposal on my site mate. FCINQ use pink, green, purple, white, black across all images and work etc On My site Please Use, Pastel Green like file I sent you, Pastel Pink, black, white, grey, Pastel Orange Functionality and Look MUST BE EXACTLY THE SAME as Fcinq.com Basically you are putting my brand with the above changes into Fcinq.com Please change text From You'll look better with us To You'll Rank Better with us (Same use of bold and running writing font) & Because first impression count (Impressions Count in running writing In text section at the top please use this blurb Sky High Agency is a dedicated and passionate Australian SEO agency, who provide's effective yet affordable digital marketing solutions for businesses. We utilise SEO and take pride in increasing your websites visibility online and making it easier for potential clients to find you when searching for keywords related to your business' products and services. We want your Business to make the right Impackt online and can help you through the whole process this includes, Web Design, SEO, PPC, Social Media & Remarking. When you scroll down he main menu follows you as per below screen shot Please make it so this also happens and please replace the video with the Free SEO Enquiry Box Please put Impackt logo on the left like FCINQ

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