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Мария Рыбакова Исполнитель: Мария Рыбакова 
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Отзыв: Спасибо за выполненную работу, сложный текст был переведен и адаптирован к восприятию его на русском языке.
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Нужно перевести текст с английского на русский) JACOB LEE is not just a fashion house - its’ an expression of a life style of individuality. A high-end brand that prides itself on pushing the boundaries of what it means to be a trendsetter, taking influences from all things London.The structural elements of a city and urban movements translate into that unmistakable JACOB LEE signature - attention to detail that allows for an authentic quality of design, which is complemented by innovative finishes. Urban life by its nature has a communication of its own and JACOB LEE uses this to inspire their collections. JACOB LEE Spring Summer 2016 Collection is a strikingly stylish collection with a unique twist, taking its’ influence from the West and East Ends of London juxtaposed with 80’s decadence. It’s a fusion of that quintessential “preppy” Chelsea chic mixed with that “mod” Shoreditch attitude. Eye- catching denim, bold patterned tailored separates, together with high quality outerwear. In addition to this, this season must haves include our casual French Terry pieces and stylish extra fine knitwear. Allowing you to have that perfect mix - it’s a collection for little rule breakers who wants to break free from the conventional. All the while never compromising on quality.

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