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Ольга Исполнитель: Ольга 
Оценка: +1
Отзыв: Ольга не только очень качественно перевела мой текст, но и уточнила в интернете иностранные названия, что очень важно для понимания текста неподготовленным читателем. Спасибо ей огромное за профессионально выполненную работу.
Стоимость: 100
Категория: Тексты
Время выполнения: 4 часа
Поиск кандидата: 0 сек

Подробное описание:

Литературный перевод текста с английского языка на русский. Текст слов 261 символов без пробелов 1228 Nara is an award winning Thai cuisine restaurant which has 2 branches in CentralWorld and Erawan Bangkok respectively. There will be 2 more branches opening in April and May this year, one in Central Embassy and the other one in dining zone in Groove at CentralWorld. This dining zone is very special, with different restaurants upstairs and downstairs, you can drink alcohol here too. Nara restaurants in other locations do not serve alcohol, but this one serves unusual Whisky. It is a local brand called Mekhong which is very famous. It makes some crossover cocktails, for example, add whisky into Thai milk tea, Thai fruit juice, and so on. Customers can dine here first and then drink and chat as well. The environment and decoration in the new branch are very different from the other branches, it is more Thai but not old fashioned. Apart from traditional Thai dishes, they also serve some fusion dishes like wrapping pork inside youtiao, duck breast with foie gras on top, Tom Yum grilled chicken soup, etc. The presentation of the desserts and ice cream are very different too. The tastes of the food here are unique. Every noon, they have a very affordable set lunch with starter, main course and dessertwhich only cost 165 bahts. It is hard to believe that there is such a cheap meal in CentralWorld where is one of the top tourist and local spots. Groove opens till midnight, if you live shop or worship nearby, you can come here and have some nice food even it is quite late.

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